Sheff For Governor's Council - District 3

Vote Sheff for Governor's Council/District 3.

On a recent thread it was commented that I should spend my time highlighting my assets instead of "finding dirt" on my opponent, which was not my intent. Of course, my intent was to spark conversation and interaction with the readers.  When I write about my qualities, no one comments. So, I'll go back to the boring stuff.

Here is the text of a speech I just gave in Phil McGrady's show in Waltham called "you don't say."  I was to give a five minute live speech and here's the text:

Hi Waltham:

My name is Tom Sheff and I am running for Massachusetts Governor's Council in District 3. The Governor's Council is a popularly elected board which must give the Governor advice and consent with respect to nomination of judicial appointments, clerkships and parole board members.

 I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts.  I graduated from Clark University in 1986 with a BA degree in Government.  After College I attended law school in Michigan.  After law school, I was office manager for the family law firm for years, where I developed an appreciation for the legal system.

My responsibilities in the law firm were dealing with lawyers and judges on a daily basis, researching case law and managing the day to day operations of an extremely high profile and successful law office

Most recently, I am co-founder of the newly formed Second Life Computers (SLC).  Second Life Computers is a charity set up to refurbish computers that would have otherwise been tossed aside.

If you don't know what the Massachusetts Governor's Council does, then you're not alone.  Most people don't have a clue.  The reason why most people don't know anything about the Governor's Council is that there is no attempt on behalf of the Council to communicate with their constituents.  If elected, I plan to communicate with my constituents through quarterly letters to the editor of local newspapers, keeping my website current, newsletters, setting up a blog for people to voice their constructive comments and video taping open hearings so the average person can view what haoppens in the open hearings without going into the statehouse.  Hopefully, this should lead to transparency and accountability which will create more trust and knowledge regarding the institution and government in general.

Over the years, the Governor's Council has been very divisive and disruptive to the process.  If elected, I will treat each nominee with dignity and respect, I will be accessible to all of the constituents and work collaboratively with all of my colleagues.

I feel very strongly that a dysfunctional Governor's Council is not only an embarrassment for the district, but it discourages good candidates from seeking judicial appontments and contributes to a general dissatisfaction with government.  It doesn't mean not to ask the tough questions, only to aswk the tough questions with decorum and respect.

It is the law and the interpretaion of it that keeps us civilized and brings order to chaos.  One must understand that; how judges and parole boards rule, affect everyone in society.

As an independent and an independent thinker, if elected, I promise to thoroughly interview and vet each candidate vigorously and ask the right questions.   I am not beholden to a political party, so I won't be getting, or giving, any political favors.  I am truly an independent looking out for the best interest of you...the people.  This position is suppose to be overlooking the Governor's appointments, would you rather have a democrat overlook other democrats or an independent with no political ties overlook the Governor's appointment?

I feel I have a rare combination of education legal experience and entrepreneurship that make me a perfect fit for the Governor's Council.   Now, I am looking to take my unique accomplishments and ideas to the State House, to do all that I can to make Massachusetts the best state it can be.

This election is not about me, it's about you and what you want.  If you want the same old dysfunctional, divisive Governor's Council then keep voting for my opponent.  But, if you're looking for positive change....

Real Positive change....

Than I would appreciate your vote.

I can't do this by myself, I need your help.  Hopefully, on November 6th please vote for me....Tom Sheff for Governor's Council in District 3.  For more information please go to www.tomsheff.com.  Thank You. 


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Earnhardt September 28, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Mike! hey there! hope you are having a good evening, Hey BTW, do you prefer to be called Mike, Mikey... or The SHU? thanks for checking me out. :) :) took you long enough though... :)
Gary M September 28, 2012 at 01:40 AM
Tom, Kudos to you. You have my vote.
Tom Sheff September 28, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Thank You, Gary M!!!
Earnhardt September 28, 2012 at 02:24 AM
Hey Tom. sorry your thread got soiled by all that. As you can see I've deleted my posts. You have enough to worry about, you don't need Myself and Mikey arguing on your thread, Peace.:)
Tom Sheff September 28, 2012 at 04:09 AM
Thanks Eanhardt.


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