Report: Chemical Levels at High School Pose No Health Risk

State agency analysis finds no threat from degreasing chemical found on school grounds.

An analysis of groundwater and indoor air quality at Arlington High School shows there is no imminent health risk to students and staff, according to a state report released Tuesday.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection conducted tests at the school last week, after a preliminary near the school.

In their report, state officials said the levels of the chemical (called Perchloroethylene or PEC) are below what could pose a health risk at the school. Yet, state and town officials said they will continue to test the area to eliminate PEC from groundwater and air altogether.

Principal Mary Villano said the testing should be completed before students head back to school on Sept. 8.

"Nothing they’re going to do is going to impact the kids," Villano added.

According to the repot, two rooms at the school showed higher levels of PEC: an auto shop and an adjacent room, which are both unused.

“At this point, it is not clear whether these elevated levels of PCE are attributable to PCE off-gassing from the groundwater, or from the past use of this chemical in a cleaner or solvent in the auto shop,” read the report.

paul comeau September 01, 2011 at 09:57 PM
Seems to me that most whom worked on the ground floor of AHS are no longer with us. Coincidence possibly.


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