6 Year Old Fluent in Russian, English

This multi-talented first grader has a lot to make his parents proud.

Maximilian France

Age: 6


Accomplishment: According to his parents, Maxi has already accomplished a lot for a 6 year old. In July, this upcoming first grader spoke at a School Committee meeting addressing his concerns about redistricting.

"I don't know many 6 year olds who would have the courage to do this," said Dennis France, Maxi's father. You can watch his speech in the attached video.

Key to Awesomeness: Maxi finished kindergarten at Lincoln and will be entering a mixed-age class at Lincoln including first and second graders. Not only is he fluent in Russian and English, but he also plays piano and sings. You can view a video of him singing at the in Christmas 2010. Maxi also enjoys writing short stories in perfect English.

"He's a real delight, let me tell you," Dennis said.


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