High School Dances Suspended Over Drinking, Dirty Dancing

Administrators say the moratorium over school dances will last until they can solve growing concerns with parents and students.

Administrators at have suspended all school dances over concerns of drinking and inappropriate dancing.

At the school’s last dance, one student was taken by ambulance to the hospital and several parents had to be called in, according to Superintendent Kathleen Bodie.

In a letter to parents, Principal Mary Villano said administrators have noticed an increase in drinking and “dancing that crosses the line of acceptable decorum.”

“We are very concerned about the safety of those students who make poor choices around drinking both at the dances and when they leave the school grounds,” Villano wrote. “In addition, we feel strongly that by ignoring behaviors (dancing) that make us uncomfortable just because ‘all the kids are doing it’ sends a message that it is OK.”

Bodie said she fully supports the decision from high school administrators in their “efforts to create a safe environment for students to have fun.”

“I feel that students need to take responsibility for the behavior and be part of the solution so that dances can once again be safe and fun,” she wrote.

Villano said administrators want to have an open conversation with students and parents about the issues.

“Our goal is to have students come up with ways that we can change these behaviors so that we can continue having dances that are fun, safe and appropriate for high school students,” she added.

BD December 06, 2011 at 01:31 AM
Well, hopefully that will help on the amount of trash left on the trail near the AHS. Good thing we got them more of our hard earned money to piss away


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