Arlington High Team Receives Equipment Grant

The Arlington High football team was recently awarded eight new helmets, worth $4,000.

The football team recently received a grant from USA Football for eight new Revolution Speed Helmets, according to Spy Ponders coach John Dubzinski.

Dubzinski, who wrote the grant application, said this is the second straight year his team has received the grant. It saves the town $4,000, he said.

“With concussions and player safety the big topic nowadays,” he said, “this grant will be a home run for our program.”

Last season, in Dubzinski’s first year as coach, the Spy Ponders went 3-8.

Tim August 23, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Illegal tax Granny ? Please explain ..
robert bartholomew August 24, 2012 at 12:05 AM
Granny, come out from behind your "name" and step up to the plate and identify yourself!!!!! Find another Public School System that has the outrageous user fees/ the highest in the state/ and the lowest coaching salaries as well as the lowest teaching salaries/3, 0% raises since the early 80's, in the commenwealth! The Town of Arlington has a cash reserve, due to an override/ and all Town Employees Joining The GIC Health Care Program/ Where have those monies been spent/ gone /a spreadsheet must be produced. It is all about accountability!! From the Top .
BD August 24, 2012 at 03:17 AM
Why is it that taxpayers and not parents should pay for the entertainment of their kids? Obviously, parents should pay every single dime it costs to have THEIR kids enrolled in football, hockey, theater or whatever else they choose to entertain their kids with.
Stephen August 24, 2012 at 11:02 AM
Some say that high school athletic programs are not a fundamental part of an education; they are wrong. In 1993, the Massachusetts legislature, clearly showing their intent, enacted guidelines placing athletics in the foundation budget; relevant section copied below. “Foundation athletic expenses”, the amount allotted within a district’s foundation budget for athletic expenses in any fiscal year. The foundation athletic expenses shall be the sum of: (a) fifty dollars multiplied by the foundation junior high/middle school enrollment; plus (b) two hundred dollars multiplied by the sum of the foundation high school enrollment and the foundation vocational enrollment. In Arlington, there are 1068 enrolled in the Middle School and 1167 at the High School. 1068*50 + 1167*200 = $286,600 was the minimum recommended amount of monies allocated for athletics seventeen years ago. Adjusting for growth in the foundation budget, let’s assume 2.5% per year, gives a current, recommended, foundation budget for athletics at $435K. The foundation budget, while protected by statute, does not require that school districts allocate as recommended. However, the intent of the Legislature from 17 years ago, when education financing was last overhauled and reformed, makes it clear. Athletics is an integral part, a foundation, of a Free and Appropriate Public Education.
robert bartholomew August 26, 2012 at 12:18 AM
Tim, You are right on target!! Not to mention the AHS Athletes are charged/ by the Arlington Recreation Dept/ Public works Dept.Town of Arlington, a $6.00 per participant fee to use The Town Field Spaces including W.A. Pierce Field.Their Home Field Space!!!! Also all youth programs are charged $8.00 per participant to use all the field spaces in Arlington. I would like to see a spreadsheet as to where this money is spent. To pay to play on your hometown fields is a joke. I could go on and on. Where has this money gone????


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