Watertown Election Results 2012 [UPDATE: 10:46 p.m.]

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Stay with Watertown Patch all day as we update this article with news and information from the polls and live election results after polls close at 8 p.m.

Watertown Updates From The Polls

9:15 p.m.: With three precincts reporting, Democrat Will Brownsberger holds the lead over Republican challenger Steven Aylward in the Second Suffolk and Middlesex Senate race. (Precinct 1: Brownsberger - 763, Aylward - 307; Precinct 2: Brownsberger - 888, Aylward - 284; Precinct 3: Brownsberger - 1,070, Aylward - 288).



     Race       Democratic Candidates Results Republican Candidates Results U.S. President


11,878 Romney-Ryan 4,516 U.S. Senate

Elizabeth Warren

10,773 Scott Brown 5,938 U.S. Congress District Fifth District

Edward Markey

12,510 Tom Tierney 3,100 MA Senate Second Suffolk and Middlesex Will Brownsberger 11,021 Steven Aylward 4,199 MA House 10th Middlesex (Pcts. 10-12) 
John Lawn 3,211 Francis Stanton 684 Answer Results Answer Results Question 1: 'Right to Repair' Yes 12,705 No 1,666 Question 2: Prescription of Life-Ending Medication Yes 8,821 No 7,080 Question 3: Medical Marijuana Yes 10,884 No 4,921


8:23 p.m.: Unofficial voting numbers in the Massachusetts Senate race for District A (one of four in town) Elizabeth Warren 2,708, Scott Brown 1,288.

7:18 p.m.: A tweet from @WatertownDem says Watertown surpassed the number of votes cast in the 2010 special election for senate, where Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley, at 4 p.m. today. Truly a high turnout.  

4:32 p.m.: A Patch reader just got back from the Middle School where he said things are very busy, and the after-work rush hasn't even started!

2:38 p.m.: More reports of this being the busiest election in memory from poll workers. Gloria Burns, the clerk for Precinct 3 in East Watertown said she has never seen anything like it. 

"It's as busy as I have ever seen it," Burns said. "I was here in 2008 and it wasn't as busy as this."

Precinct 3, which votes at the Hellenic Cultural Center had 848 votes at about 2:10 p.m. Precinct 4, which also votes there, had 694 votes.

11:43 a.m.: The Boston Globe reports that voting is even heavier at Lowell School, where Precinct 7 votes. 

"Watertown clerk John Flynn said 673 people have voted in precinct 7 at the Lowell school," according to a Boston.com tweet. 

11:20 a.m.: One notable absence at both precinct 6 and 10 is people holding signs outside the polling places. Even in the morning, no one was outside Precinct 10, according to poll workers. One voter was disappointed that she could not get an "I Voted" sticker. Those voting at Hibernian Hall, however, have the chance to buy some baked goods to help Watertown High School's music program pay for their trip to New York City in April. 

10:50 a.m.: Precinct 10, which votes at the Watertown Police Station, has a constant stream of voters. "We're wicked busy," said Deanna Dement Myers, the warden for the precinct. "It's busier than it is ever been." When the polls first opened, the line went out the door of the voting room, through the lobby and outside the front door of the Police Station. At 10:50 a.m. 505 votes had been cast.

10:30 a.m.: A lot of action at the polls already. A short line at the Hibernian Club, but most of the booths were filled with people filling out their ballots. At 10:30 a.m., 442 people had voted.

7:27 a.m.: A Precinct 6 voter reported that more than two-dozen people stood in line at around 6:50 a.m. waiting for polls to open at Hibernian Hall.

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Scott Brown (R), Elizabeth Warren (D): U.S. Senate

Scott Brown has represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate since a January 2010 special election held to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. Brown defeated state Attorney General Martha Coakley with 1,168,107 votes, or 51.9 percent, to her 1,058,682 votes, or 47.1 percent.

Edward Markey (D), Tom Tierney (R): Fifth Congressional District

Edward Markey has been the Conressman representing Watertown for the past 36 years. He faces off against Tom Tierney of Framingham, an actuary consultant who previously ran for congress in 2010. In 2010, Markey defeated Gerry Dembrowski 66-34. 

Will Brownsberger (D), Steven Aylward (R): Mass. State Senate Second Suffolk and Middlesex District

Will Brownsberger has been the state senator for Watertown for the past 10 months, after winning a special election in January to fill the seat vacated by Steven Tolman. He faces challenger Steven Aylward of Watertown, who was elected Republican State Committee Man representing Watertown and Belmont. 

John Lawn (D), Francis Stanton (R): Mass. State House 10th Middlesex District

John Lawn has served as state representative for the West End of Watertown since 2011, when he won a special election to fill the seat vacated when Peter Koutoujian was named Middlesex Sheriff. He faces a challenge from Francis Stanton, a history teacher who is running for office for the first time.

Marilyn Pettito Devaney (D), Thomas Sheff (U): Governor's Council Third District

Marilyn Pettito Devaney has represented Watertown on the Governor's Council for the past 14 years. She faces a challenge from Thomas Sheff of Newton, an attorney who ran for mayor in Newton in 2005. In 2010, Pettito Devaney defeated Belmont's Nicholas Iannuzzi.

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