Two New Businesses and a Name Change on Selectmen's Agenda

See what new businesses are potentially coming to East Arlington, and which Arlington Heights restaurant is changing its name.

A new gluten/wheat free bakery and a new second-hand store are set to go before the Board of Selectmen Monday evening, according to the board’s agenda (below).

It also appears that Jade Garden, the Chinese restaurant in Arlington Heights, is changing its name to Szechuan Dumpling based on the agenda.

Something Sweet Without Wheat, the Woburn-based gluten/wheat free bakery, which we’ve written about before, is going for a “Food Vendor License” at the meeting. The bakery, which is going in the old Barismo spot at 169 Mass. Ave. in East Arlington, appears to be close to opening – its storefront looks complete and it seems as though a lot of work has been done on the inside as well.

In mid November, the bakery’s manager, Teresa Fiore, thought the new location might be up and running by Dec. 1.

The bakery was started by two Stoneham sisters, Sandy Federico and Christine Penney (pictured), just over two years ago. The sisters’ treats are not only gluten/wheat free, they’re also 95 percent dairy free and contain no tree nuts, except coconut.

Arlington Re-Use, which is being proposed by Margaret Powell, is seeking a “Second Hand Dealer License.” The store is being proposed for 85 Warren St., half of the vacant building across from Lynn & Jen’s Dance Studio. It appears that no work has been done on the building yet.

Szechuan Dumpling is going for a “Common Victualler License and Beer & Wine Licenses,” according to the agenda. It appears that Szechuan Dumpling will replace Jade Garden, at 1360 Mass. Ave., in name only – however, that’s not for certain. The license is being sought by Quan Le Luu.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m., 75 minutes earlier than normal, on Monday, Dec. 17, in the Selectmen’s Chambers on the second floor of Town Hall.

Board of Selectmen's Agenda, Monday, Dec. 17

The following is from the Town of Arlington.

The Board of Selectmen will meet on Monday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m., in the Selectmen’s Chambers on the second floor of Town Hall.


1. CONSENT AGENDA (one vote required for approval of all items)

a. Minutes of …
Meetings: Nov. 26, 2012


6 p.m. Public Hearing

2. Request: Common Victualler License and Beer & Wine Licenses, Szechuan Dumpling (formerly Jade Garden), Quan Le Luu, 1360 Mass. Ave.

3. Request: Food Vendor License, Something Sweet Without Wheat, Joseph Penney, 169 Mass. Ave.

4. Request: Second Hand Dealer License, Arlington Re-Use, Margaret Powell, 85 Warren St.

5. Request: Class II Non-Premise, KDM Corp., Frederick Moreland Jr., 15 Brunswick Road

6. License Renewals: Contractor/Drain Layer, Wine & Malt Beverages Only Restaurant, All Alcohol Restaurant, All Alcohol Club, All Alcohol Package Store, Theatre License, Common Victualler, Food Vendor, Class I, Class II, Class II Non-Premise/Auctioneer, Lodging Houses/Inn-Keepers, Public Entertainment, Automatic Amusement, Second Hand Dealer

Executive Session

Next scheduled meeting of the Board of Selectmen is Jan. 7, 2013.

Stephen December 14, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Note, no public participation. Guess the selectmen are tired of even pretending to listen to residents.


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