Overnight Parking Question to Go Before Voters in April

Although the ballot question is non-binding, its results could lead to action.

The Board of Selectmen approved the wording Monday for the non-binding ballot question on overnight parking.

As a result, Arlington voters will be presented with the following question, verbatim, at the polls at the Town Elections on Saturday, April 6.

Question (#). This question is not binding.

Do you favor the Town’s current overnight parking ban?

The board approved the wording 4-0 after a brief discussion, in which the wording was slightly altered. Selectman Diane Mahon was not present at the meeting.

Selectman Steven Byrne, who proposed the idea of the question, said Monday that the results of the non-binding question will be analyzed.

“I think this is a very strong way to move forward,” he said.

Even though the question is non-binding, the board could take action based off its results.

Overnight parking is currently prohibited on any public street in Arlington for a period of more than one hour between 1-7 a.m., according to the town website. However, residents are given eight waivers per year, which they have to apply for.


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