Liquor-Store Licenses on Tap at Selectmen's Meeting

Residents overwhelmingly favored the Mystic Wine Shoppe proposal in our poll, but who will the Board of Selectmen pick?

The  are scheduled to present their respective cases to the Board of Selectmen tonight, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Each applicant is expected to go before the board for about a half-hour (10 minutes for their presentation, and then 20 for interested parties to speak and ask questions). The board plans to select the two winning applicants tonight.

, residents clearly favored Mystic Wine Shoppe as the top proposal.

If selected, Mystic Wine Shoppe would go in at 901 Massachusetts Ave., the vacant building to the right of . It is being proposed by Eric Faiola, the owner of .

The top five vote-getters:

Votes % 1. Mystic Wine Shoppe and The Meat House 41 28 2. Mystic Wine Shoppe and Arlington Heights Liquors 22 15 3.  Mystic Wine Shoppe and Foodmaster Super Markets 16 11 4. Mystic Wine Shoppe and Arlington Wine & Spirits 14 9 5.  The Meat House and Foodmaster Super Markets 12 8

*Results as of 9 p.m. Saturday, June 16.

Residents' comments:

S. Stevens: "Both should be given to NEW businesses that want to use a vacant commercial space so NEW businesses and tax revenues can be made."

Heights resident: "Mystic Wine. The building next to Stop & Shop needs to be occupied and spruced up. A new business there would be perfect."

Steve@Arlington: "Mystic Wine! Great location next to Stop & Shop. Allows for residents to do all their shopping in one easy trip while keeping the small business focus of our great town."

Laura: "Absolutely Mystic Wine!!! Great location and beautiful store front. It would be a great new addition to Arlington."

Julie: "Mystic Wine is the ideal choice; great location and the owners plans are to make the venue top notch. Arlington does not need convenience stores selling alcohol; move to another town if that is what you are looking for! Mass Ave will be moving forward with the addition of Mystic Wine!"

Heights resident: "Mystic Wine is a great location to renovate the current eye-sore on Mass Ave next to Stop & Shop. The photo rendition looks beautiful and will keep Arlingtonians supporting Arlington liquor business in Arlington Heights instead of jumping into Lexington's Berman's and Busa.

In case you've forgotten, here are the six applicants:

Name Address Applicant(s) Manager Square Feet Arlington Heights Liquors 469-473 Summer St. Thomas Vakalfotis Thomas Vakalfotis 2,500 Arlington Wine & Spirits 935 Massachusetts Ave. 3 P Corp., Paresh Patel and Pradeep Patel, Owners Paresh Patel 2,600 * 808 Massachusetts Ave. Foodmaster Super Markets Inc., John A. DeJesus, President Edward DeSimone 20,000 * 1398 Massachusetts Ave. EPW, LLC, Peter Weissman and Bach Weissman, Managing Partners Matt Guessetto 3,300 Mystic Wine Shoppe 901 Massachusetts Ave. Mystic Wine Shoppe, LLC, Eric Faiola, Owner/President Michael Woodward 2,500 2 Park Ave. Radhe, Inc., Nilesh K. Patel, President Nilesh K. Patel 1,600

*Foodmaster Super Markets and The Meat House are only planning to sell beer and wine with the all-alcohol license.

Charlotte Bruno June 18, 2012 at 12:58 PM
That unused building near Stop & Shop is also extremely close to our Arlington High School which doesn't seem logical. The Meat House setting seems more logical.
L. Maloney June 18, 2012 at 01:13 PM
In reality Arlington is NOT a noisey town. Those few that think it is take note, it will be very quiet on the other side of the dandilions for eternity. I grew up in this town the whistle blew from the fire house around 6:45 AM and at noon daily, and again occasionally in the early part of the AM if there was no school due to snow that has now been long silenced because of a few. Most of my adult life I have worked nights and quite frankly if the whistle blew next to me it would not faze me. Incidently, I have my yard professionally done and I don't even know they have been doing my yard until I wake up and SEE it. So as I said, for those few that seem to have such a problem with noise there is always the other side of the dandilions or maybe they should just find something else to do! L. Maloney
Drew June 18, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Why on earth does it not seem "logical" if the store is close to the high school? High schoolers can't but liquor unless they have a photo ID, proving they are of age and it doesn't matter where the store is--near the high school or a mile away.
Drew June 18, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Your comments are pointless. Just because for some reason you cannot hear a blasting foghorn in your ear or a roaring gas blower in you yard does not mean that the rest of us are the same way and to suggest that we can wait until we are dead to enjoy peace and quiet is arrogant and ridiculous. I have also lived in Arlington all my life and it has become a noisy town with tons of traffic and buildings on top of each other, in addition to continuous street digging or whatever.
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