Letter to the Editor: Does the Decision to Postpone Trick-or-Treat Scare You?

A Wenham father asks whether the decision to postpone Trick-or-Treat scares you.

To the Editor:

I'm scared. Really scared. Halloween is here! Be careful of the ghouls, goblins and ghosts out there!

But I'm not scared about that. I'm really scared about the direction our towns are headed in, based on their decision hours ago to "postpone" Halloween.

It's outrageous, uncalled for, and insulting to our collective common sense.

First things first. I feel for all of you out there without power, in harm's way and inconvenienced by the power outage or downed lines in your street. As a tight-knit community, I think most of us know someone who has been affected by the storm, and, most likely we all have offered help. Now that that's out the way, lets dig a little deeper here, and, well, vent.

Page, Heidi and Michelle Bailey have all offered their ideas and frustration over here.

I'd like to take a similar approach by offering additional options, solutions and my opinion.

1. I'm not writing this post as an angry mom or dad who's speaking out on behalf of a kid who is in tears…(but I feel for all of you who are breaking the news now). Our two young boys could honestly care less about Halloween. One of them isn't going to Halloween, the other doesn't even have a costume yet, so we're not terribly inconvenienced by this.

2. I'm frustrated by the last-minute nature of this. With all of the technology, media and information available to us in this day and age, couldn't we have least planned for this a few days ago?

3. I'm most disturbed by the "Decree" issued by our towns to postpone Halloween. Why is it their right to do so? I'm all for safety of kids, but how about trusting us to use our common sense. If a neighborhood was dark, why would the kids want to go there - no candy, right? And, as parents, why would we even bring them to a neighborhood with downed power lines and no power. It's insulting to our collective intelligence. Are you saying that we would purposefully put our children in harm's way?

Why not trust us to do the right thing?

- If you're in a safe neighborhood, why not have a Halloween party at your house? Invite those kids over without power.

- If you're at home without power, why not get creative? Light some candles, tell ghost stories and improvise a bit? Would be a fun memory for the kids - "Remember back in 2012 when we had no power and we played hide and go seek in the dark?"

- Don't do Halloween. If you don't want to go out with your kids, then don't. Chalk the whole thing up to fate, bad timing, and bad luck.

In fact, we're the lucky ones. We weren't in New Jersey, Connecticut or New York. We didn't lose a loved one, a house, a boat, or a car did we? Is no Halloween really that bad?

In the grand scheme of things, I'm getting increasingly nervous about the state of our society now. We're frantic about everything. Everything is deemed potentially unsafe or hazardous to us. We don't trust ourselves or each other. We're bubble-wrapping ourselves and our kids. We need to drink bottled water, have better bike helmets, safer car seats, organic food, prescription drugs, you name it.  And If I'm hurt or inconvenienced, I'm probably going to sue you.

So, I'm upset. The "Hamilton-Wenham Powers-That-Be" don't trust us. And that scares me. Does it scare you?

Tyson Goodridge


Lori November 01, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Actually Alison, not talking about the elections is a much kinder place to be! :)
Michelle Bailey November 02, 2012 at 05:31 PM
NY Marathon to be held tomorrow: http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/
PJ December 17, 2012 at 08:07 PM
The good-old USA is turning more and more socialist... if not Communist! Dictators requiring the populace to behave and not think for them selves... but thank the lawyers for that... if someone trips over an errant leaf on someones else's publicly accessible private property the lawsuits would make Sandy seem like a tempest in a tea cup... so an overdose of caution is probably warranted - but I expect some one will sue the towns edicts / elders for depravation of sweets to children. Gotta love the American mindset! But on the whole - surely no town edict can stop people A: celebrating halloween or Christmas or Kwanza... and B: anyone else joining in!!!! No matter what they, the towns, say... unless they issue a 'state of emergency' - marshal law or other ordenance which restricts public or private gatherings without a license - heck, you wouldn't want a whole bunch of sugar high preteens mobilizing against authority - parental or otherwise!!! But, finally - as a matter of perspective... is this really an issue over that of ownership of assault weapons / weapons of mass destruction... the world is appalled by the USA and its perpetual loss of innocent, time and time again... and Tyson has the balls to talk about intelligence!!?? (see next)
PJ December 17, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Removing the mindset that owning anything greater than a rifle, bow or shotgun for registered purposes in residential households - belies intelligence: wake up America or accept the sacrifice of your children. I for one will not sacrifice or accept others willingness to sacrifice... unless its candies and costumes... then my own creativity will evolve halloween to new traditions!
marc bowlen January 27, 2013 at 05:26 AM
What part of the government does Ken Dixon work for? Or maybe your relatives? The police no nothing, they are uneducated morons that are lucky to have a union and civil service protection! as far as EEE or West Nile? There are products like OFF or Repel 100, sprayed on you and your children every hour will protect everybody! The Police can't order people into their homes! If they do we still have the power of our fellow citizens to aquit us at jury trial if they arrest you falsely and award you damages when you sue them for false arrest, but those rights will soon be taken away as did our rights to jury trials on civil motor vehicle infractions and our rights to free access to the courts as you know have to pay for your cases to be heard in the courts involving motor vehicle infractions that the police bring forward! Let's not forget about the Bar Association that has taken over the courts and our government! The reason why they want to take away your guns is because when they tax you into bankruptcy, to pay for their pensions, salaries, and the welfare that supports their voters that get them elected to office, when they come to take your homes for failing to pay all their taxes, they don't want to have that firepower and magazine clips used on them!


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