LaCourt, Husband Charged in Connection with Friday’s Underage Drinking Party

Police announced the charges Monday afternoon.

Former Arlington selectman Annie LaCourt and her husband, Mark Burstein, have been charged with furnishing alcohol to a person under 21 (33 counts each) and contributing to a delinquency of a minor (three counts each), according to an Arlington Police press release Monday afternoon.

LaCourt and Burstein were allegedly caught Friday night having another underage drinking party at their Chatham Street residence, while they were home.

Police said they found 33 teenagers at the house, 21 of whom were allegedly intoxicated. Most of them were 17, police said.

In June 2009, police responded to a smaller party at the residence, while LaCourt, then a selectman, was home; however, she was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

LaCourt did not seek reelection in April after seven years on the board. She’s still a current Town Meeting member from Precinct 15.

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The following is the Arlington Police Department press release.

Arlington Police Interrupt House Party Homeowners to Be Criminally Charged

ARLINGTON - On the evening of Friday October 19, 2012 members of the Arlington Police Department discovered a party at the home of 48 Chatham Street in Arlington. After several children were witnessed outside of the home and on the grounds on a nearby public school, Officers found they were in possession of and under the influence of alcohol. After an interaction with the children the Officers attention was brought to 48 Chatham Street.

Inside the residence Officers discovered 33 individuals under the age of 21 involved in a house wide party that included loud music and alcohol. Officers quickly secured the scene and began the process of notifying parents and providing medical attention to those in need. Of the 33 children identified, 21 were found to have consumed alcohol in varying concentrations. Also present in the residence at the time of the party were homeowners, Ms. Anne LaCourt and Mr. Mark Burstein.

After several hours all of the involved children were released safely to a parent or guardian. Those underage and found to have consumed alcohol will face criminal charges or be offered participation in the Juvenile Diversion Program, which allows children with no prior criminal record, who commit a minor offense, an opportunity to be diverted from the court system.

Ms. Anne LaCourt and Mr. Mark Burstein who were in control of the house and were home at the time of police arrival, were determined to have knowledge of the presence of alcohol and allowed persons under the age of 21 to possess or have access to alcohol in their home. The law states, “FURNISH” shall mean to knowingly or intentionally Supply, Give, Provide to, or Allow to possess alcoholic beverages on premises or property owned or controlled by the person Charged (M.G.L. c. 138, s. 34).

The Arlington Police Department will seek the following criminal complaints against Mark Burstein and Anne LaCourt:

G.L.c. 138, s. 34 - Furnishing Alcohol to a Person under 21 (33 Counts Each) G.L.c. 119, s. 63 - Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (3 Counts Each)

Wind Dummy 25 November 02, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Excellent idea John...Community service at the least!! She would probably sue the town and courts though. Waste even more dough...Just an awful situation for all. Arlington gets all this bad embarrassing ink,. This was never the case, is there nothing positive? Why is that? I still like the baggy colorful jump suits working an idiot stick firmly fixed in hands of the perps right in the median of Rts 2 & 128 idea best.
Andrew Jon November 05, 2012 at 04:30 PM
To Candice Clemmons- News flash, your house was THE party house when I was in High school with one of your responsible "young adults". Lets goto Sam and Kims was the phrase you heard every friday. And it wasen just a few beers that went down there. Sex,drugs and booze galore
JK P November 09, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Was Kim an elected offical? Annie was and this isn't her first time being caught.
Dean November 09, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Laurie, why dont you show some class. Amanda has every right to voice her opinion. As stated by most opinions here, Arlington is infested with moonbats! Back to Brookline and Cambridge would be my wish. And by the way, I have plenty OF scientific data to back up my opinion.....Dont need to prove anything,facts are facts!
Laurie November 09, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Hi Dean,I've done my best to conduct myself with class, and I believe I've done a pretty good job. I'd love some links to your facts, I'm always up for learning a few new things. Or let me know if you'd like to meet at Dunk's someday so you can say these things to my face, maybe we can both learn something. Have a great weekend.


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