Curran Returns to Selectmen's Race

Lifelong Arlingtonian served on the School Committee for four years, losing in April's election to Selectman Annie LaCourt after running a nontraditional campaign.

Former member Joe Curran is making a second run for the .

Curran, 52, is a lifelong resident of Arlington. He and when his term expired April 2011. Curran lost to Selectman Annie LaCourt, who was remaining on John Hurd's seat, who resigned.

"I have always asked the tough questions when I was on the School Committee," Curran said in an interview. "I’ll do the same at the Board of Selectmen. I think that’s part of it, understanding everybody’s plight and coming to some kind of common ground."

Curran works as a physical education teacher and track coach in Woburn, football coach at  and freshman baseball coach in Arlington. Each of his eight children have either graduated from or are attending .

He said his background as a union labor foreman gives him experience in understanding town projects. He added his School Committee experience taught him about budgets and representing an active group of town citizens.

Last time, Curran said, he "did not run a traditional campaign." Instead of taking donations, he encouraged his would-be supporters to send money to an Arlington family that had recently lost a loved one.

"I thought that was a little more important," he added.

Now, Curran is running a different campaign and wants to make it all the way. "I plan on doing a little better this time," he added.

School Committee member Joe Curro has also . This week, the Town Clerk's Office confirmed he has already returned signatures and is officially on the ballot.

Curran is still collecting signatures.

smerls December 22, 2011 at 09:22 PM
That is good news..someone with some common sense is running. I hope Joe Curro would do the right thing and drop his seat for school committee but it does not sound like he is and if he does not I hope he gets voted out of both offices!! At least now we have an alternative to vote for!!!!


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