Capitol Theatre's 'Wine & Malt' License on Selectmen's Agenda

After tonight, the board isn't scheduled to meet again until Aug. 27.

The following is from the Town of Arlington.

The Board of Selectmen will meet at 7:15 p.m. Monday, July 16, in the Selectmen’s Chambers on the second floor of .



1. Consent Agenda (one vote required for approval of all items)

a. Minutes of Meetings: June 18, 2012

b. REAPPOINTMENTS: Board of Library Trustees, Heather Calvin; Council on Aging, Annette Benter; Human Rights Commission, Eileen Caulo; Personnel Board, Sheila Rawson; Redevelopment Board, Bruce Fitzsimmons (all terms to expire 6/30/2015)

c. Approval: St. Eulalia Parish 5K Road Race, 9/9/12, Jim Sauer, Parish Race Coordinator

d. Request: Contractor/Drainlayer License, Johnston Paving Co., Inc., 50 Union Ave., Sudbury, Mass.

e. Request: Contractor/Drainlayer License, R. Sasso and Sons Construction, Inc., 73 Thurlow Ave., Revere, Mass.

2. a. National Grid Petition/Brand Street (private way), Dennis Regan (all abutters notified)

b. National Grid Petition/Brewster Road (private way), Dennis Regan (all abutters notified)

Move receipt of petitions


3. Appointment: Commission on Disabilities, Molly Flueckinger (term to expire 6/30/2015)

4. Appointments: Council on Aging, Rev. Dr. Richard Phelps, Ingeborg Reichenbach, Mara Klein Collins (term to expire 6/30/2015)


5. Request: Theatre License, Wine & Malt Only, Capitol Theatre, Richard Fraiman, Fraiman Enterprises Inc., 204 Massachusetts Ave.

6. Request: Change of D/B/A (CV /Wine & Malt Licenses), Buona Vita to Scugnizzi, Giuseppe Guarino, Owner, Lartino LLC, 450 Massachusetts Ave.

7. Request:  Class II, Arlmont Auto Sales, Brian R. Gera, 22 Sunnyside Ave.


Except in unusual circumstances, any matter (3 minute time limit) presented for consideration of the Board shall neither be acted upon, nor a decision made the night of the presentation in accordance with the policy under which the Open Forum was established.


9. Update:  Selectmen Awards Committee, John W. Hurd, Committee Chair

10. For Approval:  Arlington Public Art, 'Chairful Where You Sit,' Adria Arch

11. Discussion:  Alcohol Compliance Report: Manna Sushi, 9A Medford St.; Sweet Chili, 470-472 Massachusetts Ave.; Sabzi, 352A Massachusetts Ave.; Kathmandu Spice Restaurant, 166 Massachusetts Ave.; Juliana Rice, Town Counsel

12. BoS Signatures: Crosby School Purchase/Sale Documents

Vote:  Authorize Town Manager to Close Sale, Juliana Rice, Town Counsel

13. For Approval:  Intermunicipal Agreement with Bedford Re:  Regional Energy Manager, Adam W. Chapdelaine, Town Manager

14. Discussion:  Future BoS Meetings

Correspondence Received 

Executive Session

Next scheduled meeting of BoS Aug. 27, 2012.

Paul July 16, 2012 at 07:45 PM
I object to a wine and beer license at the old Capitol theater in East Arlington. It is just unseemly , unecessary and wrong. Let those who want to drink alcohol go to Medford or Somerville.... Arlington has a better history and need not stoop to such levels. I just want to enjoy the movies there as I have for over 60 years
Drew July 16, 2012 at 08:42 PM
I agree wholeheartedly with everything Peggy G. has to say. Furthermore, I don't think it all appropriate for liquor to be served in a family venue such as the neighborhood movie theater where children are always present. Liquor does not have to be associated and present with every form of entertainment.


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