Byrne Kicks Off Campaign for Board of Selectmen

Several town leaders come out to support new candidate.

Editor's note: The following is a statement from Arlington resident .

candidate Steven Byrne on Friday kicked off his campaign at the Sons of Italy in Arlington.

Byrne was introduced to a packed house by Selectman Kevin Greeley, Board member Nicholas Mitropoulos, Mary Winstanley-O’Connor and Kevin Feeley of the Board of Assessors, and longtime friend and lifelong Arlington resident Marc McCabe, who all spoke of his knowledge, experience, passion and ability. 

Byrne thanked everyone for coming out and in particular singled out his parents, Michael and Jane Byrne, his brother Jon Henry, and his grandparents Donald and Phyllis Byrne, who celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary that day.

“It is with great pride and purpose that I formally announce my candidacy for Arlington’s Board of Selectmen," he said. 

“I will be to the Board of Selectmen and work my hardest to carry on the great work done by the current board and its predecessors,” Byrne said. “Arlington is a unique community. It is incredibly accepting and has a great deal of ideological diversity. As a selectman, I look forward to the opportunity of working with everyone in the community to finding the best solutions for Arlington’s challenging future.”

Byrne outlined how the ability to find solutions, accessibility and common sense will be the backbone of his candidacy.

“That is what we need from our newest member of the Board of Selectmen: the ability to think outside of the box, the ability to listen to everyone in the community’s opinion and the ability to find solutions," he added. “We need solutions for Arlington’s , solutions for the town’s youth servicesand solutions for its structural deficit.” 

 “Your next selectman needs to work with the other members of the Board to get the Town’s structural deficit in check. This isn’t going to come from override after override but rather new ideas like smart growth and sustainability,” Byrne told the crowd. “We need to expand our tax base, get more people eating in our restaurants and shopping in our stores. We have the ability to attract new businesses and we need our elected officials to show off Arlington and convince companies that this is the right place for them!”

“As your next selectman I will be accessible, I will hold office hours in the and I urge you to stop by and have conversations with me,” Byrne said. “There is no excuse for your government not being accessible, transparent, efficient and convenient.” 

“These are serious times and we have serious problems. By taking practical, common sense approaches we can address the issues that affect our everyday lives. I look forward to working with the other members of the Board and the whole community to making Arlington a place that surrounding towns try to emulate.” 

“I am committed to this race and will give everything I have. But, I realize that I cannot do it alone. I humbly ask for your guidance, your support and your help,” he added.  “Working together, I know we can provide Arlington with the representation it deserves.”

Along with the speakers, others in attendance included Board of Selectmen Chair Clarissa Rowe, Selectmen Dan Dunn, Assessor Jim Doherty and state Rep. Sean Garballey, as well as many Town Meeting members were in attendance. 

Byrne is a lifelong Arlington resident and attended before going to St. Sebastian’s Country Day School. He graduated from Connecticut College in 2010 where he majored in Government and minored in Economics. Byrne currently serves as a Legislative Aide to Rep. Mark J. Cusack, D-Braintree. Prior to his current position, Byrne served as a Field Organizer to Ned Lamont’s Gubernatorial Campaign and Richard Blumenthal’s Senatorial Campaign."

Reed Powers February 09, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Typical biased, anonymous comment on a message board. Mr. Byrne has lived in arlington his entire life, he has always been a model citizen and fine young man, something this town needs more of in my opinion.
Tim February 10, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Ok YuP you are 100% correct he is living Southie.... Thats a fact. He and Mr Greedy will be perect together . Marc McCabe really now? Isn't he a dog catcher in Cambridge? Can you say Lackey??Mary Winstanley-O’Connor ,Kevin Feeley, all that was Missing was Jack the Hack. Dan Dunn?? didn't he just move to this town. If this kid get elected he is going to be another SOCK PUPPET
Tim February 11, 2012 at 03:17 AM
another Little Tid Bit on Young Mr Byrne .......ask him about his voting record in Arlington ? Missed a few Voting Days in Arlington I see .... Not a good way to try and make changes in Arlington when you haven't voting in long time.....Last year people hung Maria Romano because of her voting record Young Mr BYRNE record isnt much better.....So much for the long life Arlington Person who care.... Cant care that much seeing you havent voted


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