Brown and Warren: Is It Just Politics As Usual?

It’s been an interesting week in the U.S. Senate Race between incumbent Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

First it was revealed that Harvard University once touted Warren’s marginal Native American heritage as proof of their faculty’s diversity. That story was followed up with another revealing one that Warren had listed herself as a minority professor between 1986 and 1995 in the Association of American Law Schools desk book, a major reference for legal professors.

On Tuesday it was revealed that Brown, who ran for office vowing to kill President Obama’s health care law (and who has since voted three times to repeal it) took advantage of a key provision in it: the provision that allows him to keep his elder daughter on his congressional health insurance plan.

Meanwhile, both candidates downplayed their wealth this week as they revealed their tax returns and as it was also reported that this race is the costliest in the nation so far.

So what’s your take? Are either hypocrites? Are both? And does it matter to you? Vote in our poll and be sure to leave a comment below to explain your thinking. 

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I. M. Fedup June 08, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Scott Brown is a person of integrity...he votes the issue, not the party. This is a very unique occurrence with Massachusetts politicians. He has done a fabulous job representing Massachusetts in his two years in the US Senate, and deserves our support in the November election. Ms. Warren, on the other hand, has no experience in the realm of government....her "qualifications" are that she is a Democrat (in Massachusetts that is deemed as a divine right to victory), a woman (hoping to get the gender vote), and a minority (listed herself as a minority professor between 1986-1995 according to this article in the Patch.......verrrrry interesting....)...a phony of the first degree...We have had enought of the self-serving phonies who have represented Massachusetts in the past....Sen. Brown deserves an opportunity to con tinue in the Senate!


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