Attention Dog-Owners: New Willard's Woods Signage To Spell Out Off-Leash Control

New signage directed at visitors with dogs will begin appearing at entrances to the Willard’s Woods conservation area next month, according to the Conservation Commission.

The blue-and-beige signs that will arrive at entrances in mid-December represent the latest steps toward allowing off-leash weekend dog-walking privileges there, according to a Conservation Commission press release.

“The new signs reflect regulations passed by the Lexington Conservation Commission’s ongoing effort to achieve a satisfactory system of ,” the press release said.

These regulations, which apply to all conservation land in Lexington, spell out what it means for an off-leash dog to be under sight and voice control. While off-leash dogs are still not allowed at Willard’s Woods on the weekends, the Conservation Commission says an-off leash permit system is in the works.

The new signs, which will replace the large green signs currently marking the entrances to Willard’s Woods, were designed by Conservation Commission members and representatives of the Conservation Stewards, abutters to Willard’s Woods and the Friends of Willard’s Woods.

According to the press release, new regulations regarding keeping unleashed dogs under control, the guardian must keep the dog sight and voice command which means the dog:

  • Is within its guardian’s sight at all times
  • Comes immediately when called
  • Stays at its guardian’s command
  • Does not charge or chase any person, dog or wildlife, nor engage in any behavior that could reasonably be interpreted as aggressive

Additional provisions include:

  • Guardians must carry a waste bag for each dog in their care and pick up and properly dispose of their dogs' waste
  • No more than 2 dogs per person are permitted
  • Guardians must carry a leash for each dog in their care
Susan Ruderman November 28, 2011 at 03:20 AM
I thought the issue was more about the annoyance of the neighbors with the number of cars parking on their street rather than people being attacked by off-leash dogs? I would quibble about the need to carry *two* poop bags (one per dog). I have two dogs and simply use the bag to pick up after each.
C Field November 28, 2011 at 07:59 PM
For me, it is the issue of the off-leash dogs. You may think your dog is friendly, just saying hello, checking me out...it may not be your concept of attacked, but it may be mine. And there are some who do not clean up, which is particularly unpleasant during the spring thaw.


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