Arlington Town Election 2011 Results

Arlington voters chose experience over change at the polls, favoring incumbents and candidates who have served in other town leadership roles.

With the town facing a, a public school system entrenched in and , a number of and a , Arlington voters had some at this . 

Over 2,000 more voters came out to the polls this year as compared to last year's figures; in 2011, 7,466 Arlington residents cast their ballots, as opposed to the 5,473 that voted in 2010. The attributed the to the number of contested races on the ballot.    

Ultimately, Arlington voters sided with experience rather than change. After serving 17 years as Assistant Clerk, defeated Former Selectman by more than 1,000 votes to become Arlington's new . In the 's races, voters favored former Chair Diane Mahon, two-term Selectman and Finance Committee member . In the race, voters chose Former Chairman , current School Committee member and , a retired teacher and longtime teacher's union leader.  

See the tables below for comprehensive election results for each race. 

Town Clerk, Three-Year Term 

Candidate # Votes Percentage Stephanie Lucarelli 4,134 58.41 Jack Hurd  2,932 41.43 Write-ins  11 .16

Board of Selectmen, One-Year Term 

Candidate # Votes Percentage Annie LaCourt 3,856 54.87 Joe Curran  3,152 44.85 Write-ins  20 .28

Board of Selectmen, Three-Year Term 

Candidate # Votes Percentage Diane Mahon  4,485 37.92 Dan Dunn  4,247 35.91 Maria Romano 3,065 25.92 Write-ins  29 .25

School Committee Members, Three-Year Term

Candidate # Votes Percentage Joe Curro 4,779 31.76 Bill Hayner
3,943 31.76 Leba Heigham
3,523 23.41 Jim Dolan  2,707 17.99 Write-ins  55 .37

To see our complete coverage of the Arlington Town Election, click .  

Robert Winters April 03, 2011 at 02:26 PM
How many registered voters were there who were eligible to vote? What was the percent turnout? - Robert Winters Cambridge Civic Journal http://rwinters.com


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