A Behind the Scenes Look at Arlington Elections

Town officials share their plans for the future and the editors share their top memories from this year's town election.

Now that the ballots are counted and , take a look back at and hear town officials' plans are the future in our video. As the winning candidates settle into town office, Arlington Patch shares the top five memories from .

  1. Campaigning Kids: Whether they travelled to the polls via papoose, like infant or stood outside Town Hall with signs, like who came out to campaign for his mom, young people were all over Town Elections this year. Throughout the day, Patch caught up with who came out to support their parents and , who were out waving campaign signs "just to look good."
  2. Political Pooch:  Throughout the day, it seemed like whatever poll or campaign stop Patch visited, there was Arlington's political wonderdog. Fran and Molly are both veterans on the Arlington campaign circuit, choosing a different candidate to stump for in every election for almost a decade. This year the duo campaigned for Board of Selectmen candidate , as Fran waved signs outside the polls around town and Molly sported a "Romano for Selectman" sweater. Hering mused on how far campaigning has come in the last few years, remembering the days when she waved homemade signs on Mass Ave. for her candidate of choice. 
  3. Voters Who Know How to “Work It:” Dedicated to their fitness and their civic duty, outside at 8 a.m. on Saturday clad in full workout attire to make sure they were able to vote en route to the gym. After flexing their political power at the polls, said one, “It takes a lot of work to make democracy look this good.”
  4. Tireless Precinct Workers: Veteran precinct warden James O'Connor gave Patch on Election Day. Election workers are the first to arrive at the polls and the last to leave, and you will never see them give a speech or have a party thrown in their honor; they truly are the unsung heros on Election Day. Thank you to O'Connor, his comrades at the 20th precinct and the rest of the election workers throughout town for answering Patch's questions, letting Patch inside the polls to take pictures and providing everyone with a renewed appreciation of town elections. 
  5. Election Night Comraderie: Many thank you's to Patch's fellow political junkies who stayed with until the bitter end on : the camera crew at , who offered ice cream sandwiches to turn our adrenaline rush into a sugar high; our counterpart at the Arlington Avocado, who kept Election Night fun with witty and interesting commentary; and the folks in the , who shared their valuable counter space and town insight with us throughout the evening. Thank you to all for making our Election Night experience a memorable one. 


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