13 Candidates Confirmed for Town Elections

This year's pool of candidates is reportedly the largest since 1993.

The ballot is ready for this year's town elections.

With deadline to file paperwork past, 13 candidates are on the contested races for , and Board of Assessors. One candidate runs unopposed for a spot on the .

This year's candidate pool is reportedly the highest one since 1993, according to YourArlington.com. Except for that year, no election had a larger number of candidates dating back to 1979, the news site reported.

"It does seem like a lot for both those races," Town Clerk Stephanie Lucarelli said.

Board of Selectmen

The board has two openings for  three-year terms to replace outgoing Selectman Annie LaCourt and Chair Clarissa Rowe. The candidates with certified signatures are:

  • , of 21 Millett St.
  • , of 5 Hodge Road
  • , of 28 Upland Road
  • Robert L. Tosi Jr., of 14 Inverness Road
  • Maria A. Romano, of 35 Bates Road

School Committee

Two School Committee members are running for re-election to defend their three-year terms: Chair Cindy Starks, of 1 Monadnock Road, and member Jeffrey Thielman, of 36 Coolidge Road. Here's the ballot for that race:

  • James J. Flanagan, of 49 Trowbridge St.
  • Cindy Starks, of 1 Monadnock Road
  • A. Matthew Pallett, of 127 Winchester Road
  • Jeffrey D. Thielman, of 37 Coolidge Road
  • Ian T. Jackson, of 232 Highland Ave.
  • Andrew E. O'Brien, of 109 Hillside Ave.

Board of Assessors

The board has one opening for a three-year term. Incumbent Kevin Feeley is running for re-election. Both candidates have been certified:

  • Martin Thrope, of 348 Gray St.
  • Kevin P. Feeley, of 25 Baker Road

Arlington Housing Authority

There is one spot for a two-year term on the Arlington Housing Authority. Daniel F. Brosnan Jr., of 18 Wachusett Ave., runs unopposed.

Tim February 25, 2012 at 03:03 AM
Hey Pedro you made a mistake Mr Byrne does not live on Upland road.....thats where his mommy and daddy live. He lives in South Boston
Tim February 26, 2012 at 03:21 AM
I was born down on "A" Street, Raised up on "B Street, Southie is my hometown; There is something about it, Permit me to shout it, It is tops for miles around; We have doctors and flappers, Preachers and scrappers, Men from the Old County down; They will take you & break you, But they'll never forsake you; For Southie is my hometown
Cecilia February 28, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Tim, how many times are you going to re-read the article?


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