New Details Surface in Spy Pond Death

Police close in on details surrounding the November death of a 23-year-old New Hampshire man, who was found nearly three weeks later in Spy Pond.

Arlington police are still trying to figure out how a 23-year-old New Hampshire man ended up dead in Spy Pond. But they have found new details surrounding his death, including that he was likely in the water for nearly three weeks when police found him.

, 23, of Derry, N.H., was on Dec. 6. Officials are still waiting for autopsy results—including a toxicology report—to determine how he died. There were to his body.

On Thursday, Capt. Richard Flynn said police have locked down the likely date of death to be Nov. 18, nearly three weeks before the man was found.

According to the captain, there are receipts showing Raudonis-Blicker’s last few activities in Arlington—he bought some gas and a soda that day. Family members have also said they hadn’t heard from the 23-year-old man beyond that Friday in November, and his last phone calls also happened that day.

What remains a mystery, however, is how he ended up in Arlington the day of his death.

“We have not identified anybody who was with him prior to this, or any calls to anybody with what his intent to do was,” Flynn said. “We are still trying to figure out the connection between him and Spy Pond. We just don’t have that right now.”

According to the captain, police have not been able to find whether Raudonis-Blicker had any acquaintances in the area. He said family wasn't very helpful finding friends because he was estranged from them.

"He was kind of a loner, so it’s hard to find solid information," Flynn added.

One of Raudonis-Blicker's last acts was purchasing a money order to his sister, which was in his car inside an envolope with a note from him. The note included no indication of whether Raudonis-Blicker was thinking about hurting himself, Flynn said.

So far, nobody has come forward with any information about his whereabouts that day.

“It could have been a body of water that he liked to visit and nobody knew about,” Flynn said, adding family also has no idea what the man would be doing in Arlington.

The night police found the man’s body, they later found his clothing in the water: a pair of running pants, night glasses, a t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt and his state identification. Police ran his name through the Derry Police Department, which confirmed the man’s identity.

Flynn said police were able to match the man’s tattoos with the ones recorded by his hometown’s police department, which had “interacted with him in the past.”

Capt. Vernon Thomas, of the Derry Police Department, would not elaborate on Raudonis-Blicker’s record with his department. He directed all calls to Arlington police.

There is no suspicion of foul play at this time, Flynn said. Suicide has not been ruled out, he added.


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