National Weather Service Meteorologist Confirms Microburst in East Arlington

Winds were estimated between 70 and 80 mph.

Charles Foley, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Taunton, confirmed Thursday afternoon that . He said winds were estimated to have been between 70 and 80 mph.

Officials from the National Weather Service surveyed the damage in East Arlington Thursday morning with local emergency personnel to find out more about the violent storm.

Connection to 2010 Microburst?

Although some East Arlington residents have questioned whether their neighborhood is more susceptible to microbursts , Foley said the two storms are a mere coincidence.

“It’s all where the cells converge,” he said.

The microburst was confirmed on Twitter by WXIBOX, an amateur radio station at the National Weather Service’s Taunton office, .

Microbursts are the result of powerful thunderstorms, which push wind straight down to the ground according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. When that happens, the wind then shears across the ground at breakneck speeds, intensifying the effects of the rain and lightning. Foley said microbursts span an area of less than 2.5 miles.

Wednesday’s storm was part of a series of powerful thunderstorms that soaked the region with heavy rain, along with large hail stones.


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