Man Breaks Into, Vandalizes Arlington Restaurant

The incident occurred early Thursday morning.

Police were called to Sabzi at 352 Mass. Ave. in Arlington shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday for a report that a man had just smashed the restaurant’s front window.

A witness called police after he exited an MBTA bus, heard the glass break and then saw the suspect flee.

After contacting Sabzi’s owner, police viewed the restaurant’s surveillance footage with him. On the footage, the suspect can be seen breaking the front window with a wooden pallet, according to police.

After that, the man entered the restaurant, smashed items on top of the bar and glasses and wine bottles behind the bar and then picked up a barstool and broke it over a shelf behind the bar, police said.

The man made no attempt to take any property, according to police. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and had his T-shirt tied around his head, hiding his identity.

Sabzi’s owner told police he might know who the man is.


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