Give a Shout Out to Someone Who Helped You During/After the Microburst

Have someone you'd like to thank? Leave a message in the comments section below.

After the microburst , the Arlington community showed its just that: a community.

Emergency personnel sprung to action, as did crews from the Department of Public Works and electric companies (even those who were off-duty).

Neighbors helped neighbors remove branches, navigate through flooded streets and watch out for live wires. Residents cleared storm drains, and, more than anything, they talked to each other. (I'm guessing at least a few of you met some of your neighbors for the first time.)

Even people with tree trunks on their homes or cars (or both) appeared to be in good spirits. After all, they were OK. (No injuries were reported Wednesday evening, according to Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan.)

Do you have someone you'd like to thank? Even if you don't know his or her name, feel free to describe what they did to make your night just a little bit easier.


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