Civilians Aid Emergency Personnel in Spy Pond Rescue

Two civilians helped police and fire crews bring two men to safety last Friday.

Two civilians helped emergency personnel rescue two men from Spy Pond late Friday night, according to the police report.

One of the civilians was actually the first person to reach the men, who had been stranded in the water for about 40 minutes since their boat had capsized at about 9:30 p.m., according to the report.

The men, who had been fishing, were 30 and 29 and from out of town, police said. They were both taken to Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge by ambulance after being rescued.

Police were dispatched to the end of Hopkins Road at about 10:04 p.m. for a report of a party yelling for help in the area of Spy Pond.

The officer who initially arrived on scene, two others were en route, spoke to the reporting party, an Arlington resident who said that he could hear yells coming from the center of the pond.

The officer and caller were then able to locate the two men in the center of the pond. The men “appeared to be in serious trouble,” according to the report, and the officer immediately had Arlington Fire respond to the scene as well. All other officers on duty were also dispatched to the scene to shine their spotlights on the pond.

The officer said he was able to communicate with the men from shore and could hear them “repeatedly yelling for help.”

At that point, the officer and caller launched a canoe from the Hopkins Road side of the pond, with two life jackets, and began rowing toward the men.

When they reached the men, another civilian was already there assisting the men from his own canoe. The officer and caller were able to throw the life jackets to the men, and the officer then signaled Arlington firefighters, who had now arrived on scene, with his flashlight.

The firefighters boarded rescue boats, went out to the men and brought them back to shore, at Pond Lane. The officer and caller, and other civilian, then headed back as well.

Both of the men were hypothermic and intoxicated, according to police scanner reports the night of the incident.

The men told police that they had been fishing for a few hours when their boat capsized. Arlington firefighters were able to retrieve a fishing rod and tackle box.


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