Best Friends Argue Over ‘Something Stupid,’ Decide to Settle It ‘Like Men’

Incidents and arrests in Arlington from Thursday, Dec. 13, to Monday, Dec. 17.

The following information comes from the Arlington Police Department. When arrests are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Best Friends Argue Over ‘Something Stupid,’ Decide to Settle It ‘Like Men’

Two best friends were in a car on Old Mystic Street at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday when they began to argue over “something stupid,” according to the friend who was driving.

The driver told police he soon pulled over so that they could “settle the argument like men.”

The driver said once they exited the car, his friend pushed him. He then punched his friend in the face several times, he said.

After receiving a report of a fight in progress, police initially spotted the friend who was the passenger walking south on Old Mystic Street with blood coming from his nose and mouth.

The passenger told police about the altercation. He said that he never swung back because the driver is his “best friend since childhood.” He said he was shocked that his friend had hit him.

The passenger also told police several times that he did not want to press charges because of their friendship.

The passenger was transported by ambulance to Lahey Clinic in Burlington.

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Arlington High Student Suspended for Possessing Marijuana

Police responded to Arlington High School at about 11:15 a.m. Monday after an administrator allegedly found a quarter of a marijuana cigarette and a fake ID in a female student’s knapsack. The student was going to be suspended for five days for possessing the marijuana, according to the police report.

Notable Incidents from Thursday, Dec. 13, to Monday, Dec. 17

Monday, Dec. 17

7:51 p.m., Drake Road, Threats

6:12 p.m., Egerton Road, Arrest, assault and battery

3:13 p.m., Blueberry Hill Lane, Identity fraud

1:31 p.m., Arlington High School, Mass. Ave., Possession of marijuana (see above)

11:46 a.m., Hilton Street, Neighbor problem

8:51 a.m., Sunset Road, Threats

Sunday, Dec. 16

12:44 p.m., Park Ave. Congregational Church, Paul Revere Road, Suspicious person

1:37 a.m., Old Mystic Street, Assault and battery (see above)

Saturday, Dec. 15

10:02 p.m., Fairmont Street, Uninsured motor vehicle trailer

7:59 p.m., Fairmont Street, Motor vehicle crash without injury

3:33 p.m., Mystic Street, Injury on town property

2:19 p.m., Margaret Street, Larceny over $250 by false pretenses

11:48 p.m., Kensington Park, Larceny over $250 by false pretenses

11:43 a.m., Teresa Circle, Malicious damage to a motor vehicle

Friday, Dec. 14

5:44 p.m., Dudley Street, Larceny under $250

5:38 p.m., Medford and Warren streets, Motor vehicle crash without injury

11:55 p.m., Medford Street, Larceny over $250

Thursday, Dec. 13

10:41 p.m., Mass. Ave., Arrest, fugitive from justice on a court warrant

6:12 p.m., Linden Street, Larceny over $250

4:26 p.m., Shelley Road, Larceny under $250

3:46 p.m., Pleasant Street, Venner Road, Motor vehicle crash without injury

3:19 p.m., Claremont Avenue, Assault and battery

11:22 a.m., Grafton Street, Breaking and entering into a motor vehicle

1:35 a.m., Dorothy Road, Person under 21 possessing liquor

Conner Shanley December 21, 2012 at 06:09 PM
I admire the young person in this news story for taking the "high road". Friends don't hit you in the face. He didn't strike back because this was his friend, this was not how he would treat a friend. Of course he was in shock! Sometimes it It takes courage to not to reaction with violence. Thank you for doing your part to end this "stupid" interaction peacefully.
Tim December 23, 2012 at 02:20 AM
Sounds like guy with his head on his shoulders.........


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