Arlington Heights Man Scammed of $650 by Fraudulent Locksmith Company

Victim told police the work took only 45 minutes but the bill was hefty.

An Arlington Heights man told police he was scammed of nearly $650 on Monday after hiring a locksmith from what appears to be a fraudulent company.

The victim told he called a company called “Locks Men Inc.” to fix a dead bolt stuck in the locked position on his front door. The man said he found the company online, and the dispatcher told him the service would cost $28 for the house house, with the working starting at $45.

Two hours later, a locksmith arrived with a trainee. The victim told police the work took less than 45 minutes but he was billed $646.40.

The locksmith told the victim the work was expensive because “they don’t charge by the hour.” The man reluctantly paid with a credit card. When asked for a business card, the locksmith said he was out of them.

Once the man left, the victim called the company’s purported Arlington office. He was told a supervisor would call him back. Once he didn’t get a call, the victim headed to the location.

He discovered there was no such address. Calls to the phone number he had for the company went unreturned.

The victim was eventually able to connect with someone who claims to be part of the company’s Minneapolis office. The representative said he would “look into the matter."

As of Tuesday afternoon, when the police report was filed, the victim had yet to receive a call back. The Arlington number he originally called has been disconnected.

According to the police report, a representative from the victim’s credit card company said payment could not be stopped because the victim had voluntarily given his card as payment. 

D.j. Dabenigno November 14, 2011 at 03:58 AM
This is a serious problem within the state of Massachusetts and it happens on a daily basis. My name is DJ Dabenigno and I own Dabbs Lock based in Medford. Being in a lockout situation where keys are missing or the locks have stopped working are never fun. And unfortunately the only place to turn in an emergency situation is the Phone Book or Internet to locate a "Local Locksmith." 9 out of 10 times individuals will end up calling a local company with a local address listed, but they are really calling an out-of-state company who only employs individuals to do shotty work. They then proceed to quote an extremely low price over the phone for their services, often times less then $45. Once the "technician" arrives he performs unnecessary work and then charges out of control prices. I have personally seen receipts of individuals paying as much as $800 or more for a service that would be under $100 during the day and without any entry issues. The customer then is left with a destroyed lock/door and out of pocket 100s. It is best recommended that you locate a legitimate locksmith before you need one. And is often a good idea to get a written or verbal estimate of the total cost before allowing work to be performed. A good source to find a locksmith within Massachusetts would be to search on the Massachusetts Locksmiths Association's website located at: www.masslocksmiths.org Arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared! DJ. Dabenigno Dabbs Lock 781-350-5770 www.dabbslock.com
Caroline Ronten November 23, 2011 at 12:21 PM
This scam was also recently shown on GMA where locksmiths routinely overcharged people - and it turned out they were not real locksmiths, wanted people to pay cash, and refused to give their information to reporters.


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