Your Biggest Fan: Cynthia Kohn

Cynthia Kohn (Mother of Winchester football player Alex Kohn)

Cynthia Kohn (parent of football player Alex Kohn)

Are you a fan of watching the game?

 I love watching them. It's nice to see the kids doing what they want to do. They practice so hard with their mind and body. It's nice for them to get out and represent the school and the town.

Football is a pretty physical sport, do you ever get nervous watching?

 Once in a while after I see tough hit I might get a little rattled. But, after a while you get used to it.

Are you a football fan?

 Originally I was just a fair-weather fan. I would watch, but I didn't necessarily have that strong of an interest in it. Then my daughter went to college at the University of Michigan and it's a pretty big deal up there. So, now we are all fans. We watch their games all the time. We're actually taping today's game (against Notre Dame) and are all going to watch it together later.

Are you vocal during the game?

 Mostly I just sit quietly and watch. If I do say something, it's only good things.

Do you speak to Alex either before or after the games?

 It's just general encouragement. There's not too much specifics. I just say great game and wait for a response. Sometimes I'll say that was a real tough team or something like that. But for the most part, I keep it very general. I never criticize him, he has a coach for that.

Are there any pre-game meals or rituals you have to do for Alex?

 For him, it's a lot of proteins and carbs and water. He needs a lot of that stuff, so I make sure he gets it. And then there's the 10 p.m. curfew. The coach's call all the parents and make sure the curfew is being enforced. It's our favorite part of the football season.


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