The Ballet Recital

Lainey dances to Mozart.

My daughter Lainey is 5 years old, and I love her. After rehearsing for months, she finally performed in her ballet recital.

The Ballet Academy is the real deal.  From day one, Lainey learned about the of ballet, heard classical music, wore the standard black leotard and never strayed from traditional method. Lainey took the discipline in stride, and happily pointed her toes .

“Check out !” she said after each class.

As the recital approached we purchased an elaborate kitten costume with sequins and pink feathers. Numerous alterations, like sewing—not pinning the tail, were dutifully completed.

“We don’t want them touching their costume,” the teacher announced at the dress rehearsal, “We want them dancing! So pin on her headband like a pack of wild horses couldn’t tear it off.”

The night of the performance, my wife wrapped Lainey’s hair into a tight ballet bun and applied her make-up. We dropped off at a friend’s house and drove to .

In a packed auditorium, Lainey watched the first act with my wife and I. She smiled as the older girls in colorful costumes pirouetted on the points of their toes. Then at intermission, it was time for Lainey to get ready.

Twenty minutes into the second act, Lainey appeared onstage with a dozen other kittens. Completely free of stage fright, she confidently executed her choreography, smiled brightly and only looked at the lead dancer once for a reminder.

Soon I greeted Lainey backstage with a bouquet of purple and yellow .

“Thank you so much!” Lainey said and hugged me.

“Great job!” I praised, “All that practice and hard work paid off!”

Lainey proudly smiled.

We picked up Joey and went home for a celebratory ice cream sandwich. It was nearly 10 p.m., but we stayed up and talked about her dance.

Lainey gained confidence that night. She worked hard toward a goal and achieved it. Maybe it was the pulled back hair or the makeup, but it seemed like she grew up just a little bit that night.

offer valuable lessons to a kid—especially when they’re done correctly. I’ve heard horror stories about terrible dance recitals, but Ballet Academy delivered. Lainey has gained a strong foundation in dance, with many recitals to come. I’ll start saving now for costume fees.


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