LETTER: Reconsider Buffer Zone J

Arlington resident Monica Sheedy writes that buffer J could lead to some dangerous street crossings for elementary-school students.

The following is a Letter to the Editor from Arlington resident Monica Sheedy.

I have a safety concern with the .

If I am asked to send my child to the , he would be crossing Park Avenue at Prospect Street, which is a very dangerous crossing area.

This area has bad visibility and speeding cars. I find it difficult to pull out from Hawthorne Avenue onto Park Avenue in a car due to this issue. Also, the Park Circle traffic can be confusing. He would need to navigate this area before reaching the crossing guard.

It was noted at the Redistricting Committee meeting Tuesday, June 12, that there is no sidewalk on Park Avenue at the circle. Also, the MBTA buses traversing the circle, as well as Park Avenue, add to the challenges of safely crossing streets.

I ask that the School Committee reconsiders the buffer J proposal.

Monica Sheedy
78 Fountain Road


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