Inside Wilson Farm

Lainey goes on tour.

My daughter Lainey is 6 years old, and I love her. After recently showing , we took the free kids’ tour at .

The tour began by the flagpole where a dozen kids, ages 5-12, and a few accompanying parents, were given an apple to munch. Lainey chomped hers while gummed mine, and we heard a brief from our guide, Lynne Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson soon led us into the warehouse and past a washing station where workers rinsed and packaged radishes.

Next, we toured the giant walk-in refrigerator, a loading dock, and the inside of a truck trailer. We walked through the flower trimming area, and stopped by the bakery.

“Mom’s favorite!” Lainey whispered and pointed to a rack of apple cider doughnuts, straight out of the oven.

The tour then led into the greenhouse. Mrs. Wilson described how a giant seed-sowing machine filled germination trays. Nearby, the nursery was woven with two types of hoses, for irrigation and radiant heat in winter. Then we walked outside into the sunny field.

“See that feathery green plant?” Mrs. Wilson pointed. “That’s dill. Does anyone like dill pickles?”

“Um, excuse me,” Lainey raised her hand. “My dad makes his own pickles.”

“I’m sure they’re very good,” Mrs. Wilson smiled.

Mrs. Wilson then pulled up a radish from the ground, walked a few rows and grabbed a beet.

Lainey raised her hand again, “My mom loves beets.”

“That’s good,” Mrs. Wilson nodded.

The group followed Mrs. Wilson to the pond and then the animal barn, where chickens, a pig and a llama lived. Then we returned to the greenhouse and the kids planted a lettuce sprout to take home. Each child was also given a coloring book, and the tour ended.

, and after the hour-long tour, Lainey was wiped. We grabbed a cart, walked through the store, and bought a few groceries.

“What was your favorite part of the tour, Lainey?” I asked.

“Belle the llama!” Lainey laughed. “She kept sneaking out of her cage and staring at me!”

That’s true— the llama does roam free, and she greets the barn guests as they arrive. Belle is only a pet, some family fun amongst a functional farm.

So, Lainey saw the entire farm operation, from seed to sale, and favored the silliest part. What more could I have possibly expected?

Kid Tour dates this summer:  July 12, 26. August 9, 16. Call for reservations.

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