Cool Drinks for a Hot Week

Arlington has a plethora of spots to cool off and sip something delicious.

The heat wave this week had many seeking shelter, but we all have to venture outside sometime and for most of us, doing so with a cool drink is the only way to do it.

Arlington has many hot spots for cool drinks.

Start your day with an iced coffee. Barismo has cold brew ice coffee that has a unique flavor. The water is never heated and cooled, which seems to make the coffee particularly smooth. The coffee has a very earthy taste with an slight tobacco-like quality and though not acidic it has a crisp dryness on the tongue. If you prefer your caffeine in tea form there is also cold brew tea. Barismo's cold brew is unique and available by 8 a.m. Tuesday through Friday and by 11 a.m. on Mondays.

If you want something a little more "classic" then Gail Ann Coffee Shop is your place to stop for an iced coffee and a breakfast bite. Kahve coffee is being brewed and there are plenty of flavors for those of you who prefer to doctor your coffee. If you need a place to plug in while you sip your cold coffee then Jam 'n Java is your free Wi-Fi hot spot to cool down. Quebrada has their classic coffee iced and ready. If you're looking for iced tea, they have Mem tea's Russian Caravan on ice. Bella Moto has a simple and refreshing iced coffee and they are open by 7:30 a.m. Tuesday through Friday.

If you're ready for some homemade sweet tea or lemonade then Blue Ribbon BBQ is a great place to stop. You can even get it to go by the gallon. At $6 per gallon you'll be able to quench the thirst of family and friends who stop by.

For something with more sweet and creamy than tea there is the Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee from Thailand Café. If you're new to Thai iced tea, it is a slightly woodsy (the food networks would say umami) but extremely sweet and creamy iced tea. You either love it or shrink away from the sugary sweetness. Little Q Hot Pot and Szechuan House also has some surprising quenchers. There is the classic Thai Tea and some more exotic juices from mango to plum to aloe.

If juice isn't what you are looking for then maybe some aguas  or jarritos would be good from La Posada's homemade Horchata to Zocalo Cocina Mexicana's Jarritos.  For a smoothie Tiki In has strawberry, watermelon, avocado and more. These icy treats are made with condensed milk and plenty of fruit for flavor.

For a little afternoon iced drink that is more of a treat than a beverage, it is time to consider a Frappe or frozen coffee drink. Chilly Cow has plenty of flavors the only dilemma is deciding whether you want ice cream or frozen custard - or a float, frappe, malted, ice cream soda, smoothie or raspberry lime ricky. 


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