Brighten Your Dog’s Life with a Homemade Window Seat

Allison Oropallo teaches you to make a window seat to help man's best friend get a glimpse of the outside.

Have you ever thought about life through a dog’s eye? I did recently.

I have a Bassett Hound and he is what I call a low rider—a full-size body with legs as long as my hand. He isn't athletic, so he can't just jump up on high things, and will never be able to see from a different point of view. He lives down where I’m sure the air smells of feet and dust.

Windows aren't made so dogs can see the outdoors, except for Great Danes. My Basset Hound stands on his short hind legs with his front legs resting on the windowsill just to get a glimpse of the outside world. He has done this quite a bit for a long time, but this weekend I decided that I was going to make his dreams come true.

I started by rummaging around the basement for scraps of wood. I had an idea of a window seat and it was very simple. I took all my measurements and made my cuts. The platform is made out of plywood. The two legs are made out of two-by-fours. I then added a 1-inch lip around the side to protect him from slipping off during one of his deep sleeps.

You can customize to your dogs liking. I have pocket windows in my house so I didn't even have to attach the seat to the windowsill (you may need to do this depending on what your windowsill is like).

Lastly, I made a little mattress out of mattress pads and a blanket. He already had a set of doggy stairs, so I set them next to the new window seat. He goes up there every morning to watch the morning traffic and to soak up the sun. He even sleeps there some nights.

He absolutely loves that window spot. I thought I would spread the word to all of my readers. Making your dog happy will make everyone happy. Enjoy! 

Herman Lyle February 13, 2014 at 02:31 AM
This is just what my Yorkie needs. But, how do you attach it to the window sill.


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