Why Not Do a Little Shopping?

Check out Helena's Boutique for a little bit of everything.

Today's escape may be a little bit of a challenge, but totally worth it. 

is a great boutique that has a little bit of everything for your wardrobe.  The challenging part is that it happens to be in the same building as . 

Remember this is mom time and a mom escape.  It may be easier to sneak over to the adorable children's apparel and latest parenting gadgets than try to stand in front of a mirror and consider:

  1. Will this gorgeous garment fit in any which way?
  2. Will I ever have the opportunity to wear this fabulous outfit?
  3. Will I be able to walk out of the house without a mystery stain on this exquisitely comfortable and soft textile? 

Have no fear.  If you aren't ready to do anything other than browse the clothes, there are plenty of accessories that will keep you distracted and inspired for your shopping spree. 

The clothes at Helena's are fabulous, whether you are pregnant with #2 or #3 or #4, or you need to add to your work or date night wardrobe, there is really something for everyone here. 

You will see brands you know and perhaps a few you don't including some from Maine and Canada.  You can accessorize the wardrobe you already have with a soft and light scarf or some modern or whimsical jewelry.  There are many cute bags and wallets, as well. 

So hire a babysitter or tell your significant other you need a couple hours to yourself and head over to Helena's.  Maybe the first visit is just a browse, but after you have had time to look with no one tugging at your sleeves or stirring from their nap in the stroller, you will remember what it is like to shop for yourself again.  And, you'll be supporting a wonderful local Arlington business.


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