Week in Review: Microburst Hammers East Arlington, Leaf-Blower Ban Upheld

A look back at Arlington Patch's top stories from July 16-22.

Top Stories

All of our coverage (thus far) of Wednesday's violent storm.

Opponents of the ban fell 241 "No" votes shy of a repeal.

The theater received approval Monday from the Board of Selectmen.

The restaurants failed to pass an undercover test by police in late May.

More Leaf-Blower Coverage

Arlington resident Rich Carreiro, a former Precinct 19 Town Meeting member, writes that members have near-zero accountability for their actions due to the current voting structure.

Arlington resident Stephen Harrington, a Precinct 13 Town Meeting member, writes that the seasonal leaf-blower ban may have been upheld, but the special-election results speak for themselves.

A look at how Arlington's neighborhoods voted on the seasonal ban of gas-powered leaf blowers, which was upheld.

Two Lewd Acts and More Police News

The alleged incident occurred Wednesday night. A similar incident was called in near Lower Mystic Lake on Sunday evening.


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