More Easter Gifts, Books Sales, and Christmas Clearance Items

"Frugal Family" is a weekly column dedicated to giving you five great local deals.

This week, Arlington Patch's "Frugal Family" scoured our local sources to come up with great deals on Easter Gifts at Walgreens, book trade-in deals at The Book Rack, Unique Clothing Specials and Classes at Artwear, Christmas Clearance Item Sales at Ace Hardware and the new Tea ™ lineup is in at Wild Child. The following is a list of deals for the week of April 11-17 and beyond.


Deal: All this week, Walgreens is offering up some cheap and easy, yet affectionate, Easter gifts and sundries. Put a picture of your loved ones on a mouse pad, coffee mug, poster, puzzle and more, ranging in price from $10-$30. Click here for all of Walgreens Photo Gift Sales for Easter.  

Good Through: April 11-17.


Deal: Small, family stores are drying up these days. Fortunately, Arlington still has a small town source for the great literary classics and contemporary stories in, The Book Rack, celebrating it's 35th year of loyal services with it's dual stores in Arlington and Lexington. As a special promotion with the Regent Theatre, any ticket stub from the Regent is worth a dollar off any purchase. The Book Rack also offers a special trade-in policy that the big chains overlook. You can amount store credit from trading in used hardcovers and paperbacks of up to 50 percent off your purchase. Click here for more details.

Good Through: On-going.


Deal: According to Oscar Wilde, “One should either be a work of art, or one should wear a work of art.” This is Artwear's entire philosophy, the small, indy boutique in East Arlington that offers that most highly fashionable and interesting clothing in the area. Along with their regular clothing sales, Artwear also offers a slue of classes to bring the boutique into your own bedroom. Click here for a list of their current classes.  

Good Through: On-going.


Deal: I know, I know, we just left Winter behind. However, as strange as it seems, now is a great time to buy all your Christmas lights, ornaments, and other holiday items because Shattuck Ace Hardware is rolling out their clearance prices on all of last year's holiday items. Garland, trees, light-up reindeer, all the left-overs from last year's Christmas at rock bottom prices. Click here for more details.

Good Through: While supplies last!


Deal: Wild Child just got in some new clothes for their summer line that are both hip and reasonable priced. Looking for some cool tee's for your little man, or a nice flower dress for the little lady? The Tea (TM) lineup, offers dozens of great spring/summer classics like hoodies and even onsies for your tykes. Click here for more information. And as always, any purchase over $99 offers free shipping.  

Good Through: On-going.






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