Menotomy Minuteman Historical Trail

Historical Arlington moves forward with a journey along the Menotomy Minuteman Historical Trail.

The Menotomy Minuteman Historical Trail is a chance to have a walk or bike ride through Arlington's past. This 10-mile stretch of asphalt begins at Alewife Station in Cambridge and goes all the way through South Road in Bedford. Along the trail there are many attractions to perk the interest of any history buff.

Here is a rundown of some key stops:

  • / – Beginning at the 1 Whitteemore Park, a homage to one of Arlington's most prominent sculptors kicks off our journey.
  • Whittemore Marker – A plaque that tells the story of Samuel Whittemore, an Officer from the French and Indian War and American revolutionary.
  • Originally donated in 1913 by the Robbins Sisters, this garden was renovated in 1939 to the look it is today. Here you'll find a reflecting pool, an “Indian Hunter” statue, and the Whittemore/Robbins House.
  • / – Some living history with the Jason Russell House that dates back to 1740 attached to the Smith Museum which preserves Arlington's past.
  • Continuing on you'll go past another influence from the Cutter family, one of Arlington's oldest churches, given to the town back in the early 1800's. The original church burnt down in 1900. Today stands a replacement built in 1902.
  • Paul Revere's Ride – A peek at the historic journey of the brave blacksmith.
  • This relic was built in 1928 and mimics the architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Robbins Spring House – Built back in 1895, this was the site of the Robbins Spring Water Company's bottling area created after founder Nathan Robbins discovered a mineral spring some 15 years prior to it's construction.
  • Gershom Cutter House – Another famous Cutter residence, this time looking at the home of a successful miller, the first look into Arlington's storied milling background.
  • Theodore Schwamb's Factory and Home – More famous millers alight the trail, this time taking a look at Schwamb's Factory.
  • Benjamin Locke House – An old stead that once housed Captain of the Menotomy Minutemen, Benjamin Locke.
  • The Foot of Rocks – A unassuming stop that marks the largest engagement of the opening of our Revolutionary War on April 19th, 1775.
  • Another living piece of Arlington's past, the Old Schwamb Mill dates back to the mid-1800's, the mill now stands as a historical landmark and museum.

This is just about half of the historic landmarks that litter the Menotomy Minuteman Historical Trail. Continuing towards Bedford there are memorials, old churches, more markers of Paul Revere's ride, the site of an old general store, and more.

For continued information on the Menotomy Minuteman Historical Trail, please view this detailed pdf that includes directions, parking, safety tips and information on even more trail attractions.

—Historical Arlington is an occasional series on Arlington's places, history and its people.


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