Mandatory Recycling, Trash Limits Start This Week in Arlington

The changes take effect this week, but pickup will be delayed one day this week due to the Labor Day holiday.

The following is from the Town of Arlington.

Reminder: Enforcement of Mandatory Recycling and Trash Limits Begin in September

Public Works would like to thank residents for their commitment to diverting waste from the trash by recycling and separating yard waste. As our new waste contractor, JRM Hauling & Recycling, continues to get used to our streets and solid waste sorting habits, please report any concerns or missed collections directly to them at 1-800-323-4285. While we continue to work with JRM to achieve thorough collection, residents can do their part to help make the program a success:

  • Label, Label, Label. Make it easy for the trash collectors to see your recyclables and yard waste. Free stickers are available at Public Works.
  • Don’t mix! Yard waste needs its own container. If it is contaminated with trash or recycling, it cannot be collected as yard waste.
  • Yard waste belongs in clearly marked barrels or PAPER bags; plastic bags are not acceptable.
  • Plastic bags and plastic wrap of all kinds are NOT allowed in curbside recycling. Plastic grocery bags can be recycled at grocery stores.
  • Recycle all cardboard. Unless it’s stained with food, grease or mold, all cardboard is required to be recycled.
  • Construction and demolition debris is banned from residential trash and will not be collected at the curb.
  • Pet waste is trash. DO NOT contaminate storm drains, yard waste, and recycling with pet waste.

In September weekly recycling becomes mandatory and weekly trash limits of 100 gallons, per household, per week, will be enforced (approximately three, 32-gallon barrels). If you are not recycling weekly in September your trash will not be collected. If your trash exceeds the limit, the excess trash will not be collected. A sticker will be applied to uncollected trash indicating why it was left behind. Excess trash can be collected by contacting JRM directly. The cost is $10 for five, 32-gallon barrels ($10 minimum).

Please refer to your 2012-2013 Recycling and Trash Guide for additional recycling, trash, and yard waste collection or visit www.arlingtonma.gov/recycle.


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