Malden Man Arrested as Suspect in Winchester, Arlington Home Break-Ins

The following information was supplied by the Winchester Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

A Malden man was arrested Wednesday and charged in connection with a home break-in in Arlington and breaking into a Winchester home on Saturday.

Nolan Bagley, 23, of Upham Street in Malden was arrested and charged with breaking and entering during the daytime with the intent to commit a felony. Bagley was also charged with assault and battery in connection with a home break-in in Arlington.

Bagley allegedly broke into a home in Arlington and wrestled the homeowner to the ground, according to  Lieutenant Peter MacDonnell.

“We had Reading officers watching his girlfriend’s house,” MacDonnell said of the arrest. “He showed up there this afternoon and we arrested him.”

Police said they also arrested on Saturday and charged them with breaking into a Cambridge Street home earlier that day. They allege the two men were accomplices of Bagley's.

According to Winchester Police, a Cambridge Street resident noticed a vehicle enter the driveway of one of her neighbors. The woman told police that the two people in the car were acting suspiciously, as they went into the back of the home and then began to wave for people on the street, trying to get passing vehicles to stop.

According to Winchester Police, the car the trio had taken to the home had died. Bagley called his girlfriend to pick them up.

When she arrived, Schopper and Trentor jumpstarted their car and Bagley drove away with his girlfriend. Winchester Police arrived in time to arrest Schopper and Trentor, but the second vehicle had already left the scene.

According to MacDonnell, there was enough evidence that linked Bagley to multiple break-ins in Arlington and Winchester.

“We were able to connect Bagley to the crime because some of his personal items were in the car that we had seized at the scene,” MacDonnell said.

Over the past six weeks there have been over a  in Winchester. And according to MacDonnell, while these three may have been involved in a number of break-ins around the area, there’s still a possibility that more than one group was involved in the Winchester burglaries.

“We believe they’re clearly responsible for the Arlington breaks and a number of other breaks in the area over the past few months,” MacDonnell said. “We believe they’ve been very active in this area. But there’s still a chance that there’s more than one group of people operating in the area. Luckily there haven’t been anymore [breaking and enterings] since we arrested these guys, but that doesn’t mean there’s not another group.”

Winchester Police are currently looking at pawns slips and cell phone records to try and find out if there were more people associated with the three that have been arrested.

Paula Noone August 18, 2011 at 08:02 PM
God Bless all three of them may they be blessed w/learning what their disease has done to them !


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