Gearing Up for Gardening Season

It's not too early to start thinking about your spring and summer gardens.

Mommy's got a green thumb and it isn't because she made playdough this week for the preschool class. It is only March which means we have at least a few more weeks before it really feels like Spring. Whether those weeks seem long or short all depend upon what you think about getting a few extra days of spring skiing or if you are just waiting for the ground to thaw. 

You don't actually need to wait for the ground to thaw to start thinking about spring and the summer's garden. Whether you like a kitchen garden or you love to plant flowers for cutting, start your garden indoors. To save money on your garden and to get your hands in the soft warm dirt a little earlier, start you seedlings indoors. You can get potting tools and seeds at Wannamaker Hardware. For tips on how to start your seeds GardenGirl has a great video walking you through the process.

If you don't have a backyard plot of land and you want more than a window box, then perhaps you want to get in on the Magnolia Community Gardens Lottery, which starts this month. If you don't want the responsibility of your own plot of land then you can join the Robbins Farm Cooperative Learning Garden.

If you want to be surrounded by flowers but not get your fingers in the dirt, then just stop by stroll around and then pick up a bouquet to put on your kitchen counter. 


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