Farmers Market: Grateful for Organic

Get to know Grateful Farm, a vendor at the Arlington Farmers Market.

Editor's note: Every Sunday and Wednesday this summer, Arlington Patch will highlight local vendors in our feature . 

The tan and gold sign that dangles behind the fresh produce at the Grateful Farm tent reads, “organically grown since 1983.” A principal that customers and employees said distinguishes the vendor at thee .

Though not officially certified, Kara Boettger, who works the markets, said the farm abides by strict organic standards.

“A lot of people are looking for local and organic . . . so that to me makes us pretty popular,” Boettger said.

The farm has sold at the market for at least 10 years and Boettger said there are a lot of regulars, but that it is generally a diverse group of people. She said one woman only eats raw foods, so she purchases a significant portion of her diet from the farm.

The most popular item is currently lettuce, but Boettger said the farm is generally known for its celery and tomatoes. They also sell sweet potatoes, which she said is somewhat unusual for the north.

Some price examples are as follows: squash, $2 per pound; zucchini, $2 per pound; beets, $3.50 per bunch; celery, $3.50 per bunch; and sunflowers, $1 per stem.

For more information visit www.gratefulfarm.com or gratefulfarm.blopspot.com for a preview of items that are sold at the market.


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