Patch Picks: Who Makes the Best Burgers in Town?

Let us know the answer in the comment section below.

Each week, Arlington Patch highlights editor and reader picks of great local businesses, destinations, services, organizations, ways to spend a day off, and more in our Thursday feature called Patch Picks.

A stroll around town this time of year yields an unmistakable aroma that seems to define summer cooking: burgers!

Not everyone makes their burgers the same way, though, and so we’re asking for the absolute best burger joint in town. We want to know who makes the tastiest burger, who uses the gooiest cheese, the crispiest tomatoes, the freshest rolls.

While you’re at it, let us know your favorite type of burger! Do you prefer beef, veggie, chicken or something else? Tell us in the comment section below! 

Provide your answers in the comments section today or by email, and on Thursday, we'll highlight the top five on .


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