Cool Down with these Favorite Iced Drinks Spots

Nothing says summer like the clink of an ice cube in a glass.

Nothing says summer like the clink of an ice cube in a glass, the cool drip of a drop of condensation on your "flip-flopped" toes, and the taste of your favorite summer elixir. Whether you drink iced coffee year-round or you save it for a few months each summer, there's nothing like a cool drink under the hot sun.

So where can you go for your iced drinks in Arlington?  Well, it depends on what your beverage of choice is. From your first drink of the day to an after dinner indulgence, there is something to suit everyone's taste.

Iced coffee tastes range from the cream over ice with a splash of coffee to the iced black jolt of a drink variety. For the most local, unique cool iced coffee experience you'll want to head to for their cold brewed coffee. The green beans are roasted on the premises and the grounds never touch hot water. The grounds are steeped overnight in cold water in the fridge, and then carefully filtered for your cool-sipping pleasure. This type of iced coffee has a very earthy unique taste. A more classic iced coffee can be found at , or .

Just in case you missed National Vanilla Milkshake day on Monday, you can still indulge your sweet tooth with a milkshake, Thai iced tea or coffee, or horchata. Stop in at the for a milkshake. Lady Siam has a Thai iced tea as well as bubble tea. has a deliciously refreshing horchata.

Last but not least, there's nothing like a cold beer or summer cocktail at home in the back yard or on the back porch after a long day's work. Stock your "beer fridge" and vodka freezer with all your favorites from or Giles Market. Then again if it is just too hot out, throw on your best summer outfit and head out to your favorite local bar for a drink in air-conditioned comfort.


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