Weapons, dogs, fire alarm - Ottoson Middle School

From the office of the Ottoson Middle School principal.

On Monday, February 10, 2014 3:27 PM, Tim Ruggere wrote:

Good Afternoon, Today a student was overheard making a comment to another student regarding a weapon.  The teacher immediately notified administration and the student was brought to the office.  There was a thorough search done and the police were notified as a precaution.  The police arrived and as a further precaution called the K-9 division.  A K-9 unit was dispatched and although it was proved not to be necessary, police thought that it was a good opportunity to do a training exercise.  Although, there was never a threat to anyone’s safety, the police used this opportunity to conduct a drill.   

  In the midst of this investigation, workmen were fixing a duct in the Blue Gym, and when they turned on the fans in the duct, the dust set off the fire alarm.  The students and staff exited the building, the fire department was dispatched and once we received an all clear, all staff and students returned to the building and resumed normal activities.While there was quite a bit of activity in a short period of time, students were safe at all times and there was minimal disruption to the school day. Thank you,

Donald Mei February 13, 2014 at 02:19 PM
So what happened to the student? Was it threatening speech or just a discussion of a "weapon". If the child was going hunting with his father and was discussing the gun he was going to be using, then what is the problem? If it was threatening, this was all totally justified. I'll reserve judgement until I know more. But lets not forget that all discussions of "weapons" are not inherently threatening. Don


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